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2018 Past Projects (10)

Transportation System Plan

The City of Walla Walla is working on a major update to the Comprehensive Plan which includes a vision for Walla Walla’s future. It will identify the density, type, and intensity of land uses throughout the city, as well as the character and capacity of public facilities and services such as streets and utilities. This public open house is the chance for you to review the draft transportation project list, ask questions and provide feedback.

What is this project going to accomplish?
This project will develop the Transportation Element for the upcoming City Comprehensive Plan, which is to be completed by 2018. The consultant will:

• Review current transportation policies, standards, codes, and existing conditions, including any transportation capacity or safety issues.
• Develop a traffic model to analyze capacity needs, based on projected future growth.
• Develop a proposed capital improvement plan to address identified needs.
• Make recommendations for changes to transportation policies, standards, and codes.
• Evaluate and make recommendations to enhance bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Other Project Documents:

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